"Revolution": The evolution of life and revolution to save it.  In cinemas 2013. Planet Ocean Cover Elephant Eye photo by Tristan Bayer / Earthnative
  • “REVOLUTION” in Cinemas

    “Revolution”: the evolution of life and the revolution to save it – coming soon to cinemas! The new feature documentary, directed by Rob Stewart of “Sharkwater” and United Conservationists team David Hannan, Paul Wildman, Julie Andersen, features cinematography by Tristan…

  • “Planet Ocean” Movie Screening Special Event

    EarthNative Presents a series of Australian pre-release screenings of “Planet Ocean”, directed by Yann Arthus Bertrand and Micheal Pitiot and including underwater footage from daring underwater cinematographers, including filmmakers David Hannan, Paul Wildman and EarthNative’s own Tristan Bayer who will…

  • Elephants Never Forget

    Elephants around the world are under attack and they need our protection. African elephants continue to get gunned down by armed militias for their tusks. In this scenario, the entire herd is massacred, sometimes including large families with babies and…

  • Orangutans On the Edge

    Look into the eyes of an orangutan is like looking back in time at ourselves. Do more to help protect our closest relatives, the great apes. Read more [...]

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